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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Honestly, You might start reading this and automatically think this is a biased article because I am a wedding planner. However, I will be honest. Dare I say it, Blunt!

Since Most Eventful offers linen and decor rentals, I sometimes work events where I deliver the linens only and I am not working as a planner or coordinator. That is where I see the behind-the-scenes of what a wedding or event looks like without a coordinator. I run across couples often who say: “My mom or best friend will coordinate for me." OR “My wedding party will assist with setting up and tear down.”

I am going to be very honest here.

If your guests are working on the day of your wedding, then they are just that... Working. They are not enjoying it. I also see situations where a friend is enjoying the wedding too much and forgets they have tasks to do.

Often I see the mother of the bride running all over the place and taking on the stress herself. Just recently, I was delivering linens when I overheard the mother of the bride crying. I went to console her, she was venting about how she just could not everywhere at once and find time to get ready.

I get that!

Maybe giving you a breakdown of what an actual wedding day looks like might help you determine whether or not you need a coordinator.

08:30 am - Double Espresso

09:00 am - Send Bride & Groom Happy Wedding Day Message

09:30 am- Arrive at the venue

10:00 am- Welcome hair and makeup team

10:15 am- Set aside details box and flatly for photographers

10:30 am- Begin setting up small decor details- Chargers, welcome sign, guest book

11:00 am- Pause to welcome photographers and walk them around the venue

11:15 am- Continue Setting up

Noon- Welcome the DJ and show her where and how to set up the venue sound system

12:30 pm- Call catering to ensure there will be no issues with arriving on time

1:00 pm- Finish details for the ceremony area

1:30 pm- Finish details to cocktail are

2:00 pm- Make sure the groom and groomsmen arrive at the venue and show them to the groom's suite

2:15 pm- check with the photographer and assist with getting ready photos

3:00 pm- make sure groomsmen are all dressed and set for groom photos

3:30 pm- Assist with father-daughter first look- gathering photographers and family

04:00 pm- Assist with Bride and groom first touch

04:30 pm- Hide bride and groom

05:00 pm- Line up the bridal party and go over the final ceremony order details

05:15 pm- Confirm photographer and DJ are prepared for the ceremony to start

05:30 pm- Cue Ceremony

05:40 pm- Start lighting all the candles in the reception area

06:00 pm- assist with bridal party photos

06:30 pm- Usher all the guests into the reception area

06:50 pm- Line up the bridal party for the grand entrance

07:00 pm- Grand Entrance- Confirm Dj and photographers are prepared for the first dance

07:20 pm- Ensure the father of the bride is ready to pray over the meal

07:30 pm- Dinner is served- dismiss tables by numbers

08:00 pm- Check on Bride and groom

08:15 pm- Check on catering and Bartenders- Ice levels

08:30 pm- Prepare the photographer, DJ, and the couple for cake cutting

08:40 pm- ensure the catering team cuts and distributes the cake

09:00 pm- Gather those who are giving speeches

09:30 pm- Get photographer, DJ, and couple prepared for water and bouquet toss

10:00 pm - Check on gifts and make sure they are safely put away in the designated car

10:15 pm- Prepare the send-off items (sparklers) and gather the venue manager and security

10:30 pm- have the DJ announce the last group dance

10:45 pm- Ensure DJ and photographer are prepared for the private last dance

10:50 pm- Ensure bags are in the send-off vehicle

10:50 pm- Line up guests and hand off sparklers

10:55 pm- Light Sparklers

11:00 pm - Sparklers send-off

11:15 pm- Ensure friends and family know duties for venue clean up

Wow, that’s a lot!

Well, at least it can be a lot if you do not have someone designated to take care of all the behind-the-scenes details.

It is not just set up and tear down that can take a lot of work. The ceremony and reception have many moving pieces to take care of.

Is it time for the first dance?

Is the best man ready to give his speech?

You have done all the planning leading up to the big day. Consider handing off the reigns to a wedding coordinator. You should enjoy your wedding day.

How much does a wedding coordinator cost for the day?

Visit my website to view the packages offered!

XOXO, Genesis

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